Provo Parents and Their Two Children Killed in Missouri Plane Crash

HUGGINS, Mo. – On Friday, June 12, 2015, a member of the Utah State Board of Education, his wife and two of their children were killed when the their small plane crashed taking off from a family-owned runway in Provo, a small town in Missouri.   Mark Openshaw and his wife Amy Openshaw, both 43, died in the crash along with their children Tanner (15-years-old) and Ellie (12-years-old), according to the Missouri Highway Patrol.  Taken by a medical helicopter to Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, Max Openshaw, is listed as being in critical condition.  

While the cause of this accident is unknown, sometimes defects in the design or manufacturing of the airplane are to blame.  When a crash occurs, the FAA does a complete analysis of the incident to determine what caused the crash.  An experience personal injury lawyer will assess all avenues of recovery to determine if there is compensation available for victims or their families.  

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