Neck Injuries: What you need to know!

Neck injuries can result from a variety of accidents; however, one thing they have in common is that all neck injuries can result in life long issues.  Mainly because the neck contains part of the spinal cord, the bundle of nerves responsible for facilitating voluntary and involuntary signals from the brain to the rest of the body.  Also known as the nervous system, when this part of the body is injured, paralysis, paresis and several other life-altering conditions can result. 

While not all neck injuries are spinal cord injuries, herniated discs and the tearing of ligaments and muscles in the neck are also common results from accidents.  "Whiplash," also called a neck sprain or strain, is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck which is common in vehicular accidents. 

Whether you have sustained a neck injury from a car accident, a slip or fall, a motorcycle or bicycle accident or any other dangerous situation, it is important that you seek medical care immediately to receive the proper diagnosis and begin treatment.  Your health and safety are top priority, so make sure to seek medical attention prior to calling an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case.  

If you have been injured, what can you recover?

If a personal injury claim has been filed by an experience trial lawyer, you can potentially recover all of the expenses associated with your injury.  Specifically:

1. Medical Bills;

2. Lost wages and missed career opportunities as a result of your injuries;

3. Costs of disability aids, such as a motorized scooter or cane; 

4. If necessary, the costs of any psychological counseling sessions; and

5. Pain and suffering as a result of the accident.  

Typical Neck Injuries

1. Whiplash: Usually a result of the neck being overextended and can create a sprain, a strain or nerve damage;

2. Cervical Dislocation:  A result of one or more bones in the neck being pushed out of their correct position, causing instability in the spine.  (Often requires surgery to correct); 

3. Herniated Disc: A result of the soft disc between two vertebrae moves out of its correct position causing numbness and intense pain.  Sometimes these can be treated with physical therapy and pain management, but often require surgery to correct; and

4. Fractured Neck Bone: This is a break in a bone in the neck that causes pain, numbness and further medically dangerous conditions.  

Work with an Experienced Missouri Personal Injury today

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